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Tuesday, 10 November 2015

Egginton Junction Bridge

Currently our focus is on Egginton Junction Bridge where the Community Payback Teams are working to restore the width of the path by cutting back the overgrowing turf.
Also tomorrow evening some of our Ranger Team will be attending a talk by the Egginton StationMaster (as was).
So it is worth a look at the area as it was during construction of the path in 2008, this stretch being the final phase of the reclaimed GNR railway route between Mickleover and here.

View looking through the bridge towards Egginton Junction Station, showing how much fill was put in beneath the arch to reduce the slope up to the road. This has introduced a downside, since excess rainwater cannot drain through the bridge and the area at the bottom of the slope is now prone to flooding.  The gadget on the left of the path is the grader which is towed by a tractor to level the Toptrek surface prior to rolling.

                               Today it looks like this, with path widening work just started.

      And this is how it floods, and has been much worse, being up to bottom bracket height at times.

Much work was necessary to construct the path from road level, these gabions (wire baskets filled with stone) being used to shore up the bank.  Willow Trees Farm visible in the distance.

              And this is what it looks like today, prior to forthcoming attention by the Payback Team.

                                  New fencing installed at the access from the A5132 road above.

                  And the narrow path heading out towards Hilton under construction.

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