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Monday, 16 November 2015

Signing Ride

We were lucky today in choosing a day with fine weather for our long overdue signing ride.  The plan was to ride from the Park Bikeworks to Hilton on NCN routes 54/68, and 549.  We had a good turnout with Peter Ford, Martin Aldred, Nick Potter Ian Dent, Dan Robertson and Les Sims.  Mavis Ratcliffe joined us later en route.
It was something of a surprise to find so many signing problems within the city, several junctions being without NCN signs and even some Derby City signs
pointing in the wrong direction.  Well, that's professional sign putter- uppers for you.
Dan had brought spanners as well as a telescopic ladder in his trailer, so it was not too difficult to re-arrange the faulty signs but it was time consuming.
First new sign on Exeter Bridge (right).

Having picked up further supplies of signs from the Sustrans trailer at Mickleover, we found few problems thereafter, so made it in reasonable time to Don Amott's cafe at Hilton.
A leisurely lunch, lots of cups of tea and stimulating conversation passed away the rest of the afternoon.

 Peter puts up a new sign at the junction of Curzon Street, Friargate, The Wardwick and Cheapside, with St.Werburgh's Church in the background.

 Ian attends to the badly aligned Council sign on Old Uttoxeter Road.

                   Not to worry Ian, Martin is holding the ladder.  
One brownie point here for H&S. Would you believe that Rangers have been known to stand on their bike's crossbar to do this task?

Ian and Dan set up the ladder to correct this sign turned by vandals on it's round post. Later signs are on square posts which prevent vandals turning them round.

Dan makes the best of a vandalised sign at Murray Park School.  A brand new sign will be required here.

A pause at Mickleover Station to pick up more signs from the Sustrans Trailer.
Left to right:- Ian, Dan, Nick, Peter and Martin.

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Littleranger said...

A good day's work by the Rangers and all looking very happy in their work.
Very welcome refreshments at Don Amott's too and the weather was kind to us for mid November.