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Sunday, 8 November 2015

Path Widening -Today's News

The Community Payback Team were not in attendance last weekend due to Supervisor Denise being on holiday, but came back yesterday and today with renewed vigour.
By lunchtime today, working from Old Station Close they reached the A50 Tunnel so we decided that we would move them on to work in the opposite direction from Egginton Junction Bridge.

Looking towards Etwall from beneath Egginton Junction bridge, you can see how the overgrowing turf has narrowed the path, and this is the area which is most prone to flooding, so we started work at the lowest point in view of that.

Lots of pruning also required in this area, so here are the guys (and gals) making a start on the work which will take several weeks before they reach the A50 Tunnel from this side.
There are several access paths here so we will deal with those next when the lower part has been done.
Note that this photograph is taken from exactly the same spot as the lower picture on post of Oct.10th.


Littleranger said...

Fantastic and long may they continue with the work.
During last summer and the previous one, it look me a
couple of hours to trim the access path from Birch Trees Farm
and you couldn't see where I had been!!!

BirdyRed said...

Comparing photos taken in the 60s of then existing railways with the same scene today shows how quickly nature claims back its own. This is true wherever the site in question may be.