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Tuesday, 15 September 2015


Older Derby Rangers will recall that, in April of 2005, a group of Dutch cyclists came to Derby to ride the (then) new Pennine Cycleway to Berwick-on-Tweed. As I remember we rode with them as far as Ashbourne and never saw them again.
It will be no surprise to hear that they completed the journey, but by an amazing coincidence, whilst searching the Internet for something else, I came across the slideshow of their trip. This makes interesting viewing, especially as none of us have completed this journey.
See it HERE

The event was sufficiently newsworthy to warrant a photograph in the Derby Telegraph. Maybe it was what I believe is known in the trade as " a slow news day".
However, an imaginative set up by the Telegraph photographer with Martin and I peering through the spokes of my Mercian, and Alan and Peter with our Dutch friends waving in the background.


BirdyRed said...

Some stunning photos and some slightly more amusing. Do I not recall that one of the group hit a vehicle while descending at speed somewhere "oop north" and was hospitalized?. In the photo of us by the station gate at Etwall I recognize the green bike and the Marin cycling jersey but don't recognize the thin person wearing it. Any ideas??

Les Sims said...

Yes, we all look rather younger and fitter, but it was ten years ago.
The Dutch cyclist who collided with a car was (at home) used to car drivers being courteous to cyclists. If only that were true here!