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Thursday, 10 September 2015

My Lucky Day

I usually park my bike here outside our Sainsburys Local shop when collecting my morning newspaper, but luckily this morning I went to Tesco instead.
Whilst I was at Tesco, this happened.

The Jaguar car is completely inside the store (where I might have been) and the counter is (was?) just to the right of the entrance door.  Note that the door is marked "Automatic Door".  Not sure if the automatic sensor anticipated the fast approaching Jag, but in any case the door was not wide enough. However, the door appears to have closed again after the Jag passed through.

The car driver was a 61 year old lady, who was shocked but not injured.
No-one else was injured.
Presumably "Foot slipped off clutch" or "Pressed accelerator instead of brake".
Note the solid and re-enforced concrete post (which stood in front of the door to deter ram raiders) has sheared off.

I will be buying my newspaper elsewhere for the foreseeable future.

Nice single word headline with this photo in the Derby Telegraph.

Later this day (5pm)
A remarkable recovery at Sainsbury's by a highly organised gang of  chipboard manipulators who had the shop secure by teatime and tell me that the shop will be open for business as usual tomorrow.
Perhaps I will get my newspaper there after all. But I won't be parking my bike in the usual place.

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