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Saturday, 19 September 2015

Route 54 Path Widening

The date for the 30 volunteers from Portakabin to carry out widening of the path is not yet specified and so today we had a smaller group of Community Payback "volunteers" arrive and set them the same task.
As you will see from the photographs here, they have done a superb job and, all being well, will come again next week to continue the work.
They started on the NE side of Heage Lane Bridge, getting past Badgers Bridge and well on the way to Bearwardcote Gate.  The path here is now a generous 2m wide as it was when first laid.

 This is looking back (SW) towards Heage Lane Bridge, not quite visible behind the oncoming cyclist, who now has no problem passing my bike.

And looking the other way (NE) towards Bearwardcote Gate, you can see what a difference this is making.  Back to Heage Lane is quite a trek, but nobody seemed to mind and hopefully they can continue from here next Saturday and may get as far as Bearwardcote where, (beyond the gate) the situation is not so acute.
After this section is complete we may switch them to Old Station Close, working towards the A50 Tunnel.
There will still be plenty of work for the Portakabin Volunteers to do.

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Longranger said...

Returned home this way to see the progress - a great improvement. Looking forward to more of the same.