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Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Blog Access

There have been, and perhaps still are, problems in accessing this blog and also with adding new posts and particularly in adding photographs.
You may see an error message, typically bx-w7tr63, but sometimes you can just ignore that and bypass it.
It seems to be a bug associated with Internet Explorer, and not with other browsers.
I found that a move to Opera cured the problem.
Please let me know if you are having this problem, and perhaps also if you have entered a post recently without trouble and which browser you are using.
Perhaps best to add this info as a comment here (if you can), since moving to Opera has upset my gmail mail account (lezderby@gmail.com) although my Yahoo account is OK.(sustransranger@yahoo.co.uk
Computers :-( :-(  !!!!!


Ian said...

No problems for me adding a new post and including an image in it.

I'm using Firefox 37.0.2 on Linux Mint.

BirdyRed said...

I did not get any error messages - the computer just hung when I tried to add an image.

Martin said...

I have not added a photo for a while but comments seem to work OK, using latest Apple software.