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Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Rule Britannia

                 At last, a new Union Jack flies proudly on our flagpost at Mickleover Station.
So far as we know, no other Sustrans Ranger Group has a flagpole in their area.  This originally belonged to British Rail when the Mickleover Greenway was a railway development site.
Unfortunately when they erected it, they omitted provision for lowering the pole, so when our rope broke some years ago, we had to ask the Fire Brigade to come along and help us put in a new rope.

Alan Locke hauls down the old flag, which to say the least, has seen better days, and we have had our money's worth out of it.

                                                     And here he is with the new flag.
After hoisting it, we stood to attention, saluted, and sang the National Anthem.
                                                         Just the two of us.

And a strong westerly breeze brought the flag to life.

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