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Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Mickleover Greenway

Latest on the flood prevention work.
After several delays the path is finally and properly closed by secure metal fencing and even the great British Public will be hard pressed to get through.
One can see some heavy machinery through the fencing and there is a stack of steel piling on site
.Also the world's largest skip is parked just inside the Mickleover Gate ready to take away the spoil I imagine.
So it looks as though we will have a deep ditch alongside the path eventually.
Signs tell you to use the diversion but don't seem to tell you where it is.  Presume Station Road /Radboune Lane  /Heage Lane.
Anyone know otherwise?
Anyway, note for Thursday's Rangers Ride to Hilton via Don Amotts for lunch.


1 comment:

Longranger said...

Yes, Les. The diversion via Station Road, Radbourne Lane and Heage Lane is adequately signed, but considerably longer and hillier.