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Saturday, 25 April 2015

The Nutbrook Trail

It is a few years since I last rode the Nutbrook Trail along the Erewash Valley, and I was astounded earlier this week to see how much improved it is, making the ride from Long Eaton northwards to Shipley Country Park a delightful experience.
Take a look at my "Two Wheels and a Camera" blog to read the full account.
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Thanks to Derbyshire County Council and others for a great route, the Erewash Valley Rangers for the faultless signing and the absence of litter.  Also the cafĂ© at Shipley Park Visitor Centre for an excellent meal and the gigantic half price wedge of Victoria Sponge (Mondays only).


Peter Roberts said...

Now that I have acquired Belisha Brompton I may try and replicate this trip. Last time I did it I encountered a family of swans with their young who took great dislike in being disturbed :-(

Les Sims said...

Congratulations on joining the folder brigade Peter.

Trexrider said...

And, congrats to Les, he has a knack of getting pictures like this in the evening paper. Two in a week(I think)is good going.