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Sunday, 2 November 2014

London Road Bridge

Derby's new London Road Bridge on the railway just South of Derby Railway Station seems destined to be taking longer to construct than did the Bridge on The River Kwai, although hopefully with somewhat less trauma.
The gigantic bowstring girder structure was craned into position a couple of weeks ago and I expected to see the bridge opened shortly.  How wrong I was, as there is much work yet to be done, and they are now constructing the re-enforced concrete parapets in wooden formwork.

    View from Batemen Street.  Not a pretty bridge, but it would look better with some nice climbing  plants growing up it.

Seems pretty chaotic looking from London Road on the City side, but I imagine that it's much better organised than it looks.

                      From the pedestrian bridge you can see  the concrete parapets being poured.

                                      And meanwhile, down below at track level, life goes on as normal.

For comparison

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Longranger said...

The new bridge opens at (after?) the end of this month. The last Rail Link shuttle bus runs on November 29th (no Sunday service)