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Wednesday, 29 October 2014

2015 Calendar

A similar calendar.

Due to a tightening of the regulations by the Obscene
Publications Authority, and poor sales of the 2014 edition, plans for the 2015 Derby Rangers Nude Calendar have been withdrawn.

Also, in spite of radical cosmetic surgery, Mr. February and Mr. July were unable to participate in the photo-shoot due to an unfortunate accident in the tanning studio, when there was a short circuit of the off switch to the sun beds.
Smoke alarms were activated and the fire brigade arrived in record time.
The victims are currently recovering in the Etwall Home for the Bewildered and are stated to be  "as-best-os can be expected considering the circumstances".


Anonymous said...

Very disappointed with that news. I was hoping to appear on the tandem with Miss April.

Anonymous said...

Presumably with you on the rear seat?

Miss April said...

Where is this leading?