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Monday, 25 August 2014

Sky Ride Leicester

The weather was quite good for yesterday's Sky Ride in Leicester, unlike the Sheffield Sky Ride on 10th August which was hit by heavy rain.
Well over 14,000 cyclists turned out in Leicester to ride the 8km course and to enjoy the many cycling based events which were held at various points along the route.

                                    In Bede Park cyclists queue to sign on for the ride.
                               Note the dog in the trailer (bottom left). More of him below.

He could not wait for the ride to start, and had he not been tethered to the trailer, would no doubt have been on his way without signing in.

Many of the city centre streets were closed to the normal motor traffic and barriers ensured that cyclists kept on the designated route, which was also well signed and there were plenty of marshals around.

                                           Bikes, bikes, bikes and yet more bikes.
 The route ran not only alongside the Leicester City Kingpower Stadium.............................

                                       ................ but right through to exit on the opposite side

 Several of the displays involved young men on bikes launching themselves skywards from steeply inclined ramps.  Here landing was broken by a gigantic plastic airbag.

No such soft landing here in the high jump competition, which I was unable to enter as they did not (fortunately) have a classification for OAPs.

There were some weird and wonderful pedal powered contraptions for the public to try out in the squares.

                                                The entry to the pneumatic Sky Ride Tunnel.

        Where this young lady welcomed  us with music, a bubble machine and her energetic dancing.
                                         For the full dancing video click HERE

So to summarise, a real fun day out well supported by the cyclists of Leicester and it's environs. So many cyclists of various ages riding bikes of every imaginable type.
So good in fact that it may be worth considering a trip to Coventry for their Sky Ride on Sunday 21st September.

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Martin said...

Yes, a great day out. Tough choice on 21 September though - Coventry or Cycle Derby's Sportive at the Derby Arena/Velodrome.