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Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Local Route Re-numbering

It has come to our notice after studying both Sustrans and Open Street maps, that numbers of the NCN Routes on the ground in the Etwall area differ from those on the maps.
This is the result of stretches of new routes being built piecemeal over the years.
Before the construction of  the path from Sutton Lane Bridge to Egginton Junction Bridge, Route 54 ran up Sutton Lane, through Etwall village and on road to Egginton village.
When the disused railway route was constructed this was also designated as Route 54 so we had a bifurcated route.
Subsequently Route 549 came into being and this started from Egginton Junction Bridge heading towards Uttoxeter via Hilton and Sudbury.
The aforementioned maps show Route 549 starting from the gate on the East side of Sutton Lane Bridge, going beneath A50 trunk road and turning right at Egginton Junction Bridge.
This is a far more logical way to number these routes, so we are proposing to change the signing to agree with the maps.
This leaves a short length of the A5132 road alongside the Airport currently identified as Route 54, which is neither Route 54  nor Route 549. We suggest that this be marked as "To Route 54" in one direction and "To Route 549" in the opposite direction.
Simplifying the change means that Route 54 goes over Sutton Lane Bridge (ie as is)  and hence through Etwall village then on-road to Egginton village, whilst Route 549 goes beneath the bridge, onwards to Old Station Close and passes beneath the A50 trunk road.

4th September
The re-numbering of the off road section of the Mickleover Greenway between the A516 underpass, (adjacent Sutton Lane Bridge), and Egginton Junction Bridge (A5132 road) is now complete.


BirdyRed said...

I support the idea - it may have crossed my mind at some time in the past that this was a good idea but at that time there was a thought that R54 would go from Egg Jct over the airfield and more directly into Egginton rather than use the length of the A5132 to the crossroads.
The next question is: who will do the re-signing? I obviously have 54 and 549 signs but none saying "This was to". Maybe we need to check out the bacon butties at Hilton??

Les Sims said...

Good idea. I am away all next week but available thereafter.

Longranger said...

Further to our recent conversation, there is a route 544 between Didcot and Wantage - where is the link with route 54??

Les Sims said...

Good question, but I'm not sure that there is any strict logic in the allocation of NCN route numbers.