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Monday, 18 August 2014

Leicester Sky Ride

Next Sunday 24th August, come along to the Sky Ride in Leicester.
A chance to ride the traffic free streets of the city with hundreds of other cyclists and enjoy lots of cycling related events on the way.
It is all free and you can register HERE
The event starts at 10am but will go on for many hours after that.
Transport links from Derby are excellent with the Skylink bus going half hourly via EMA and Loughborough.  Ideal for owners of folding bikes and even better for bus pass holders.
Trains run hourly and a return ticket costs about £7 with a discount card.
Plenty of good places to eat in Leicester, especially Wetherspoons situated in the Market Place and on the ride route.
Say hello to the people on the Sustrans stand.

Just realised that this is the 1000th post on this blog so thanks for the 37,271 viewings since August 2008.


littleranger said...

Unfortunately not able to ride it on Sunday but must do it one day

Martin said...

I have signed up. Probably going on the 09.37 train from Derby