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Monday, 27 January 2014

London Road Bridge

As locals will know, the 123 year old bridge on London Road (where it crosses the railway lines just South of Derby Railway Station) is being replaced by a more modern structure and this work will take about 12 months to complete.
In the meantime, a temporary bridge has been put in place for the benefit of cyclists and pedestrians.

Here is a video of a ride across the new bridge shown at 4 times actual cycling speed, which makes it much more exciting to watch.
Hang on to your hats - here we go!

I should add that I don't normally cycle at this speed, and can only do so by means of modern technology.

                                           This is an artist's impression of the new road bridge.

And here a view from the parapet of the pedestrian/cycle bridge looking down upon the massive stone piers which, until recently, supported London Road. The railway lines can just be seen in the bottom of the picture. The buildings in the distance are on Bateman Street


swaddywaddy said...

Sent this link to my eldest son who is working now for networkrail as a graduate project manager on HS2. he expressed an interest and even wanted to visit the site on xmas day in his own time to see it put in place.

Martin said...

Just noticed the Cyclists Please Dismount sign.

A request rather than the law?

Les Sims said...

Yes, these signs have no legal significance, but it's nice to see the word "Please" in there.
I see no point in dismounting if the cyclist is riding at a sensible speed i.e. not 4x speed!
John Grimshaw once said that all such signs should be melted down and used to make something useful.