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Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Shed Theft- Sustrans Blind stolen!

Last night my garden shed was broken into, unfortunately a Sustrans Roller Blind  that I had on loan for the Festival of Leisure was stolen along with a petrol lawnmower. The blind will be of no use to the lowlifes that stole it but of course  a costly item for Sustrans to replace. I know its a long shot but if anyone comes across the blind for sale or dumped then let me know and/or contact Derbyshire police on 101. The photo associated with this post is the actual image on the roller blind and I suppose there are only a handful owned by Sustrans so its an almost unique item so it would link the seller to a particular crime for sure.

BTW if anyone wants to help Ben,Stuart and myself on the stall at the Festival of Leisure on the 24th June from 1-5pm you will be most welcome at Maurice Lea Memorial Park, Church Gresley

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