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Tuesday, 12 June 2012

More Vandalism at Breadsall

The new seat which we installed in February on the Breadsall Greenway has been wrecked by mindless morons.
The seat may be repairable, as all parts appear to be there, but it will not be re-instated on this site.
Also the chains securing the level crossing gates at Breadsall Station were cut through, the locks having been filled with Superglue.
This is further to the serious damage done to the brickwork at the Station which has not yet been repaired in spite of our requests to Derbyshire County Council.
How sad that a few such pathetic individuals can ruin an increasingly attractive area much appreciated by local walkers and cyclists.
Fortunately we do not have such serious problems on any of our other Greenways in South Derbyshire.

1 comment:

Ian said...

When I visited the Greenway about 10 days ago, I found that the seat was loose and it seemed to me that people had been spending a long time rocking it. The holes for the bolts had been expanded by the rocking and the ground was loose. It looks like the idiots continued with their project and eventually succeeded.
I'll write a piece for the Breadsall magazine about the vandalism.
I still can't understand the damage to the locks and chains unless someone is intending to bring some vehicle onto the track (gypsies?).