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Thursday, 14 June 2012

Breadsall Greenway

Some better news here (and we need this).
Repairs to the vandalised brickwork at Breadsall Station have been authorised and will soon be commenced.
Stronger chains and new locks will be fitted to the level crossing gates by the Derbyshire Countryside Rangers who will be on-site weekly for maintenance work.
An Engineer has been allocated to manage the construction of Phase 2 of the Greenway ie Sixoate Gate to Morley. This does not indicate imminent construction work, but it is another step in the right direction. A lot of paperwork has to go through a lot of in trays before the first sod is turned and of course, the big problem is a financial one.
However we look forward to hearing the sound of chainsaws and bulldozers in the foreseeable future.
Watch this space.

1 comment:

JohnS said...

Looking forward to this next section of the Breadsall Greenway. It should be less prone to the actions of the 'nutters'. I well remember our jaunt of (seems like oh so many years)in 2008, when our elation over the commencement of 672 led us to think that all would be completed in no time!