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Monday, 11 June 2012

Glow Worm Search

I am proposing to look for glow worms on Thursday night, 14 June 2012. We will park at the top of Mickleover Station Approach and, shortly after 10pm walk down the track towards Bannell's Gate (SK 283 339), the second gate from Mickleover and just after the overhead power line. By 11pm it should be completely dark and we will record glow worm locations as we walk back to Mickleover. Although the 5 day weather forecast is promising, warm wet-weather gear would be advisable. Everyone welcome to join us.


Littleranger said...

I hope to join you at Mickleover if I am alone. Have a meeting beforehand but should be out by 9.30 pm

Littleranger said...

Too wet to meet up last night. Much better conditions in the Hawk and Buckle but we didn't see any sparkling green lights!

Martin said...

21 glow worms seen between Mickleover and Bannell's Gate 10 pm to 11 pm. 15 still glowing on way back 11 pm to midnight. Positions of these 15 recorded.