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Thursday, 8 March 2012

Some Tree!

On my way to Sudbury Prison today, for Peter Robert's 65th birthday party in the Secret Diner, (which is open to the public and highly recommended), I came across this oak tree between Scropton and Sudbury.
It had just been felled and I was amazed to see the cross section of the trunk. It was close on five feet diameter, which would make the tree about 300 years old, although I didn't have the time to count the rings.
Three hundred years to grow from a tiny acorn, and felled in about twenty minutes with a rather large chain saw.
Putting my bike against it for a photograph, I realised that the tree would have been quite big when the bicycle was invented, and must have been there before Queen Victoria acceded to the throne..

Talking of trees, how about this ivy covered specimen in Norfolk which has taken on the shape of a dinosaur (T Rex).

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