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Thursday, 8 March 2012

NCN Route 549

At Hatton, on the Dove Valley Route (R549), the Nestle factory is soon to have a very large building extension and this will mean moving the path which currently runs alongside the existing boundary fence.
Most of the new fencing is now in position and we can see the extent of the diversion which is considerable. The good news is that the new path would appear to be 3m wide.
Joggers on the existing path heading towards the Nestle Factory. The path goes to the right of the factory.

View of the new path under construction, at this point heading northwards at right angles to the existing path.

This is a view from the existing path and shows how far away is the new fence and path on the North side. It is just this side of the trees on the horizon! All the land you can see will be within the factory complex very soon and our ride to Uttoxeter will be quite a bit longer.
Derby Ranger Yvonne Yates lives nearby and is keeping a close eye on the development.

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