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Sunday, 11 March 2012

Vandalism at Breadsall

Mindless vandals have caused serious damage to the brickwork at Breadsall Station on NCN Route 672, and details have been passed to the Police, Derbyshire County Council and Breadsall Parish Council.
The station walls and those of the lamp shed are affected and there have been unsuccessful attempts to break the chain securing the level crossing gates.
We expect that DCC will arrange for repairs to be carried out  and this will cost we Council Tax Payers some thousands of pounds.
The following photographs show the sad story.

It would appear that a lever of some sort has been used in an attempt to force the gate.
 Fortunately we have stocks of heavier chain, and will be fitting it ASAP.


iain1775 said...

I'm sure all looked okay when I went past about 5.45 on Friday evening
There was a group of kids sat on the platform but they didn't look the sort to have done that damage

JohnS said...

The marks on the level crossing gates pre-date the recent vandalism and are probably not connected. I did a litter pick on Monday 5th March, and I am sure that the debris abounding in the main part of the brickwork was not there then. Looks like someone had a party. Even a scent bottle laying in the rubbish.
http://breadsallgnrgreenway-johns.blogspot.com/ This link will take you to my photos of my visit on Saturday morning about 11.30am

JohnS said...

My previous link does not work correctly. Try this one (no guarantee!)