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Saturday, 18 February 2012

A Transformation Indeed

At Mickleover, the area adjacent to the Station was once a  British Rail Development Site having a large engine shed, several sidngs and a number of  small buildings.
It looked like this -

After removal of the railway infrastructure and construction of what we now know as the Mickleover Greenway (NCN Route 54), it  looks like this -

This amazing tranformation has been brought about by the kindness of Mother Nature who, over ten years clothed the gravel with grass, and by the hard work of Stefan Czuplak who, over ten months, has brought the grass under control with his strimmer. 
We are proposing to call this area "Station Green", and in due course will be putting up suitable signs.

1 comment:

BirdyRed said...

I acknowledge the hard work done by Stefan to control nature's tendency to take over but I have to say I prefer it as it was - a railway!!