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Saturday, 18 February 2012

Yet Another Seat

Having a good stocks of timber and a plentiful supply of free labour in the shape of the Community Payback Team, we brought the two together once more on Saturday.
At zero cost and in record time, they produced yet another bench type seat on the Mickleover Greenway just past Bonehill Gate. This is in addition to a similar seat installed by the PB Team a few weeks ago. The timber had been given to us by Alan Locke's family and we hope that they will be able to come along to try the seat sometime.

This seat is unique in having alongside a tree stump which can be used to prop up your bike.
Or you could tether your horse to it, if you have one.
Bikes fall over.
Horses wander off.

This is a feature requested many years ago by a member of the public and which has never previously been provided.

1 comment:

Littleranger said...

That is fantastic and looking forward to trying it out with or without dog and horse.