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Sunday, 19 February 2012

Breadsall Seat

The long awaited seat for the Breadsall Greenway was installed today. It is positioned close to the Brookside Road gate.
 Ian Dent is seen here digging the rather deep hole for the legs.

The original plan was to site the seat on the diagonally opposite corner, but we found that the ground there was too hard to submit to the pick, and not only was the soil easier to dig in the final position but the view from there was better.

And here is that view looking downhill to the Windmill Bridleway and beyond.
The Great Northern Railway ran horizontally along the line of the trees on the right here, crossing the Windmill Bridleway on a high level bridge which was demolished when the railway closed.  It was not economic to replace the bridge when the Greenway was constructed, so a collosal amount of earthmoving was done to take the path down to the bridleway level, and up on the other side with gradients of 1 in 20 or thereabouts.
How different from the time when the path was under construction a few years ago.


JohnS said...

Sorry that I was unable to help today, but I would have been an encumbrance, and it would not have done my 'gammy' leg any good. Glad that the weather was brilliant for you.

Les Sims said...

No problem, John. Ian did most of the hard work anyway.
Hope you are soon feeling better.

Littleranger said...

Ian looks as though he needed a pint (? of blood) after all that!!