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Friday, 24 February 2012

Forthcoming Events

With some signs of Spring coming along, we have only a few weeks to go with our hedgecutting project on the Mickleover Greenway, as we must cease work before the birds start nesting. We are hoping that this work will get as far as the Burnaston House Gate this year.
On Saturday 25th February the Community Payback Team will be on hand once more and we will be having bonfires to dispose of the debris. This season they have excelled themselves by coming along twice weekly and have installed two seats for us, making a good solid job of them both.
Come along to the West side of Bonehill Gate after 9.30am. If late look for the smoke.

Next Tuesday February 28th (6pm) sees another bike related lecture at Nottingham University. This is free, but you need to mail uonsoe@nottingham.ac.uk
 to reserve a seat. Last week's lecture by Andrew Ritchie, inventor of the Brompton folding bike, was very well attended and this week's subject is "The History of Bicycles from 1860 to 1900" by Roger Lovell, who runs Cycle Magic in Leicester. He is a well known bicycle historian and an expert Penny Farthing rider who has appeared in several films on his bike.

We have 15 nest boxes to install next week on the Mickleover Greenway. Here they are, identified by letter so that the sponsors (and the birds) know which is their box. The boxes installed at Etwall last year were numbered for the same reason and had an occupancy rate of well over 50%.
.....and here are the contents (yet to arrive)


Ian said...

I think that Allison was only involved with the first event (the Brompton talk). For subsequent ones (including the Roger Lovell talk) contact email is uonsoe@nottingham.ac.uk

More details at http://www.nottingham.ac.uk/cas/aboutus/events/originsofthecycleindustry.aspx

Les Sims said...

Thanks, Ian. Post corrected.

Littleranger said...

Magnificent Housing Estate there. First come,or the early bird, gets the best home.