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Sunday, 15 January 2012

Planning application time extension. South Derbyshire District Council


Not sure what the situation here is in reality? I have used the bridge already with no seeming impediment.


Trexrider said...

I assume it is council tradition. They like to have things closed until they are 'officially' opened.
H/S may have an influence but I have seen them do this sort of thing for other paths. They also often tape it off for 48 hours before the opening.

Les Sims said...

I believe that there is a land ownership issue here, since the new Longhorse Bridge is not on the site of the original bridge, and there had to be a compulsory purchase order to join the old path to the new bridge.
Such legal processes take a long time.
Another complication here is that The River Trent is the County Boundary and although Derbyshire CC have constructed a new Greenway, there is not, as yet, a corresponding Greenway on the Leicestershire side, only a footpath over what is technically private land.
So currently OK for walkers, but not yet suitable for cyclists.

JohnS said...

The day our walking group used this bridge, cyclists and photographers were out in abundance. We returned via the new excellent surfaced track which ran parallel to the canal and back to Shardlow.