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Friday, 13 January 2012

Hedge Cutting at Mickleover

The Community Payback Teams have been along to Mickleover three times this week and so we are developing quite large quantities of hedge trimmings most of which we will have to burn.
We cannot burn that which is close by the houses however, so I have arranged for the Countryside Rangers from Elvaston Castle to come along with their chipper machine which will make wood chippings of it. Owing to H & S regulations we cannot use the machine, but will need to be on hand to drag the debris towards the machine. Exact date not yet known.
We can however, burn the trimmings which are West of the Curved Seat, those being well clear of the houses, and so will do this on Tuesday next 17th January from 9.30am onwards.
The trimming work has now reached Bonehill Gate  and on Thursday 12th January we took the PB minibus there to turn it round. Disaster! Even with both gates open there is hardly room to reverse the bus and for a while it was stuck there. Fortunately there was plenty of muscle power to extricate it.
The bus will pass through the gate square on, but not at an angle, so we have cut a turning space about 50m further on and that should solve the problem, enabling us to get the workforce further along the path.
It is likely that PB Teams will come along on Saturdays and Tuesdays in future, so by all means come along if you wish.

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