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Monday, 16 January 2012

More Work on R54 at Radbourne

Another Bonfire
Rangers Bonfire Tuesday 17th January from 9.30am
Come along to the Curved Seat/Black Woods Path and keep warm.
Meanwhile the Payback Team will be working on the far side of Bonehill Gate to continue hedge-cutting, and where we now have a good turn-round space for the minibus.

This is the new turn-round place for the PB minibus, seen looking towards Bonehill Gate.  Note pile of ash from Saturday's bonfire (still hot on Sunday morning) and yellow railway milepost discovered in the undergrowth.
On Saturday we discovered a couple of railway sleepers in the undergrowth, one of which is well rotted but the other is in excellent condition and suitable to make simple bench type seat. All it needs is a couple of legs and we have plenty of suitable timber in hand for that.
Hopefully, we can get this seat installed on Tuesday as it only needs nailing together, and a couple of holes digging in the ground near to the turn-round site. It will be sited on the bank between the bonfire ash and the yellow post in the above photograph.

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Littleranger said...

Looks a great job done. Unfortunately I can't be there on Tuesday this week.