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Wednesday, 18 January 2012

The Sleeper Seat

We are not short of seats on Route 54/68, and they are very popular with the public on a fine summer's day, when cyclists and walkers pause for a rest and to admire the views.
On Saturday, the Payback Team discovered a good quality railway sleeper in the undergrowth, and we decided to make a simple bench seat from it. Not only did we have stocks of ideal timber to make a couple of legs, but the Payback team were on hand to dig holes on the ground for them and the place where it was found was an ideal site, such that we did not move the heavy sleeper, preferring instead to take the lighter legs to the sleeper.

Photograph of the new seat in position about 100m West of Bonehill Gate. A bit of tidying yet required - removal of ash from last bonfire and some levelling of the surrounding ground
On Tuesday, a couple of lads from the PB Team dug the holes and installed the seat, making an excellent job of it, with very little input from us.

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Littleranger said...

That looks good and looking forward to viewing and trying it out today.