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Monday, 9 January 2012

Forthcoming Workdays

There is much work to be done throughout the winter in cutting back hedges on both the Mickleover and Breadsall Greenways, but do not be alarmed, as the hard work will be done by the Community Payback Teams who provide us with a valuable and unlimited source of free labour.
On Route 54/68 at Mickleover, teams are now coming along twice each week, usually on Tuesdays and Saturdays, and are generating an increasing amount of hedge trimmings, much of which is hawthorn, blackthorn and brambles with thorns deadly to bike tyres. Also being fairly lightweight, it tends to blow about on the path so we need to dispose of it ASAP with series of discreet bonfires.
Tomorrow, Tuesday 10th January we will be making a start on this from 9am onwards. Site about 1/2 mile in from Mickleover Station. Come along if you like bonfires.
The new turn round space (see previous post) at the Burnaston House Gate provides access to the middle area of the path, which needs opening up, and we will be working in that direction in the coming weeks.

At Breadsall on Route 672 alongside the Paddock PH, we have an ongoing problem with dog fouling and litter which is very difficult to control due to the unkempt appearance of the surrounding vegetation. This is all very visible from the A608 road so gives a poor impression of the NCN to passers by.
I am arranging with the Probation Service to have a Payback Team cut this vegetation down to ground level so that, in the Spring, grass will take over and we can keep that under control by strimming it. A similar approach at Mickleover has had a dramatic effect, reducing dog fouling and litter, and the area would now do credit to a public park.
We do not as yet have a date for the work on R672, but it is likely to be a Saturday and to coincide with a Rangers Workday, when we will install a new seat beside the Brookside Road entrance.

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