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Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Something Different

You are invited to the following two events in Alvaston Park on Wednesday 18th January.
Could be very interesting, but take a good bike lock.

These events are in conjunction with the BBC Stargazing Live Project.

Click HERE to see the BBC information, from where you can follow several other links.

To whet your appetite for this astronomy lark here is a picture of the constellation  Cycleops (The Cyclist) seen  from the Bubble Telescope.  Many eminent historians believe that the sight of this constellation was the inspiration on April 1st 1604, for the inventor of the bicycle, Sir Walter Raleigh.

The pentagonal wheels were found to be unsatisfactory, and further development was held back until the invention of circular wheels in the 18th century.

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JohnS said...

Tongue in cheek?