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Saturday, 7 January 2012

Mickleover Greenway Works

The Greenway was a hive of activity today with another team of Community Payback "volunteers" continuing the hedge trimming task, and a team of Rangers digging drainage gullies to fix a long standing problem of holes appearing in the path after heavy rain.

Martin makes a start on one of the gullies with Geoff Hume (left) and Nick Potter (right) assisting.  Initially with only the one spade, it was necessary to take turns.

The area of the hole problem is adjacent to the proposed site for Burnaston House, where the path is at it's narrowest and the thick brambles alongside have never been trimmed.

Here we see Mavis almost hidden in the undergrowth cutting back the brambles. Note the blurred hand and determined expression.
She also kept us going with drinks, soup, sausage rolls and Christmas cake.
What would we do without her? Starve probably.

Since one of the gullies was close to the edge of the path and we were fearful that some unsuspecting cyclist might ride into it, we buried a 4" plastic drainpipe with it's downstream outlet safely emerging on the embankment

Another problem that we have in this area is that there is no room for the Community Service mini  bus to be turned round, and so we spent some time cutting the hedges and trees back in the area of the Burnaston House gate.  We now have a good space to park and turn service vehicles and will be able to get the Payback Teams to the middle part of the Greenway where there is much work to be done throughout the winter months.

The sight of this will worry some of the regular path users as they will think that work is about to start on the Burnaston House building project. Nothing could be further from the truth.

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swaddywaddy said...

Interesting to see the results of all your hard work. Les did you get my email regards thursdays greenways meeting? have you details of start time,location or agenda?