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Saturday, 17 December 2011

Link to today's check on the Greenway 17th Dec 2011

Link to today's check on the state of the Greenway. Litter wise, fairly good. A bit cluttered at the level
crossing gates, which is a bit unusual. Then quite good until nearly at The Racecourse Sidings, which also was not too bad for that area. The police tape has been removed from the Greenway fence, but is still marking out an area down the dip at this spot. Still no definite information on the reason for it in the first place. I removed a small ivy covered tree which had fallen and was looking as if it could break the fencing.


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JohnS said...

Two omissions on this blog. The feeder tray, repaired by Les, was loaded with strawberries, grapes and a chip or two under the upturned hanging basket, and a load of sandwiches on the open section of the tray. At the Paddock, signs of some electric cable stripping having taken place. The copper element removed, but quite a long length of other metal left.JohnS