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Thursday, 15 December 2011

Another Christmas Meal (hurrah!)

Derby Rangers go to prison!

Not content with an excellent Christmas Lunch on Tuesday, some of our Rangers joined the Derby CTC Group for yet another Christmas meal at the restaurant in Subury Open Prison, just a stone's throw from NCN Route 549, the Dove Valley Route to Uttoxeter.
Most of the people had cycled there by various routes, but it was significant that the Rangers arrived there first. That may have been due to the fact that they are faster cyclists, or that they were the more hungry. I suspect the latter.
On the way we had checked the NCN Route signing and found it to be first class, and on the return journey we inspected the new fencing which Nestle are putting up to surround a large extension to their coffee factory.  This will mean diverting the  existing path, but we hope that it will be of a higher standard in spite of being longer than the original path.
One end of the table ............................................
............ and the other end of the table.
But who is the mystery guest on Mavis's right, hidden by the menu board?

Yes, none other than our old friend Keith Lycett complete with one of his collection of funny hats.

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