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Saturday, 17 December 2011

Another Bonfire

A more interesting (and cheaper) alternative to Christmas Shopping.

The work done for us recently by the Community Payback teams had already resulted in an increasing pile of debris alongside the Mickleover Greenway, so there was just the one opportunity before Christmas to get rid of it with a bonfire.  Also this was an opportunity to give them a small thankyou in the form of hot soup on this very cold day.

Rangers and helpers load the fire whilst (in the background) the Payback Team cut more fuel.
So, as they were cutting more hedges we were keeping warm by feeding the bonfire which Peter Ford had lit at 9am. The fire burned well all day, but the highlight of the day was the homemade goatmeat and vegetable soup which Mavis brought along in a large cauldron and this was much appreciated by both the Community Payback Team and the Rangers.
So thanks to all the Rangers who came along and in particular to Mavis for the delicious hot soup, so enjoyed by everyone.
You cannot buy soup this good ANYWHERE.

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Anonymous said...

It was a pleasure to make it and appreciated. Wish I could have stayed longer. Well done to everyone and the payback team. Track looking superb.