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Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Another Hole

After recent rainy weather another hole has appeared on the side of the Mickleover Greenway just to the East side of the Burnaston House Gates.

This is the hole. Our drainage expert Martin Aldred will be looking into it (ha-ha).
The path here is on an embankment and we have had similar holes appear previously in this area. They seem to be connected to drainage passages down below.

Hole is on the left as  you head towards Etwall.

As a temporary measure we have put a traffic cone in the hole.
Mind how you go.


Martin said...

Hole filled.

There is evidence of ballast having been blasted out of the track bed on to the embankment for some time. Presumably this exit became blocked, forcing water up through the track bed surface. There is a similar small hole on the other side of the track. Might be worth clearing the brambles on both sides of the track in this area and then provide an easier route for the water than the track surface.

Would be useful if someone could volunteer to watch the site during a period of heavy rainfall!


Les Sims said...

Well done Martin.
Good idea to clear the brambles in this area as the path is rather narrow here anyway.
During the Winter the Payback Team will be cutting the hedges back from Bonehill Gate Westwards s will eventually reach this point, but it might be better if we did it, so will organise a Rangers Workday in the New Year.