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Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Annual Report

Derby Sustrans Rangers
Annual Report for 2011

The past year has been an unusual one for the Group, since we have not been particularly active, but have been enthusiastic by-standers on the many developments on local cycle routes. These were as follows
The completion of Connecting Derby, an inner ring road with state-of-the-art cycling provision.
The opening of Hicks Lodge in the National Forest, a fine cycling centre just over the border in Leicestershire.
The opening of the Monsal Trail in the Peak District of Derbyshire.
The completion of the long awaited Longhorse Bridge over the River Trent near to Shardlow on the Derbyshire /Nottinghamshire border.
Several minor improvements to cycling facilities in Derby City.

We have strengthened ties with other Ranger Groups in the East Midlands, hosting a successful ride and meeting in Derby, and assisting with events in Leicester (Skyride) and Swadlincote (Festival of Leisure). In September, a successful combined event was Camp Conkers in the National Forest.

We were unfortunate in choosing the wettest day of the year for our major fund raising event, the Etwall BBQ, and as a result, attendance was poor and our finances were hit. They are recovering with profits from a sponsored seat on the Hilton Greenway.

The Community Payback Teams have given us much help in cutting back hedges during the Winter periods. The debris from these operations produced enough fuel for a fine bonfire on 5th November which was attended by Rangers and friends, who also enjoyed the fish and chip supper.
Our annual Christmas Lunch at Hilton saw record attendance of 27 people enjoying a meal in our favourite café.

Our project to install bird nesting boxes at Etwall was very successful with local people sponsoring 18 boxes and the birds following this up with an occupancy rate of well over 50%.

We were sorry to see the retirement of Tony Allcock who has done a fine job in Long Eaton on the Eastern border of our territory, and has also given valuable assistance to the Erewash Valley Ranger Group.
We welcomed a new Ranger on the Mickleover Greenway, Stefan Czuplak, who has single-handedly transformed a large area of previously unkempt grassland at Mickleover, which now looks better than many public parks.

Throughout the year we have had the usual problems of dog-fouling, litter, graffiti and vandalism on most of our routes, but have been able to keep this down to a manageable level by rapid reaction and the posting of signs.

Les Sims
Group Co-ordinator
Sustrans Rangers Derby
December 20th 2011

 I forgot to mention our campaign against a planning application to build a large mansion (Burnaston House) adjacent to the Mickleover Greenway with a gated and private concrete road crossing the path. We had massive public support and the application has not (as yet) been processed. The project must now go before the SDDC Planning Committee if the applicant wishes to proceed.

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