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Wednesday, 21 December 2011


A few of the mileposts on our local routes. Nicely painted by our Rangers except for the one at Mackworth (lower right), which was painted by local vandals, this being the only known example of anything good ever  being done by vandals.

With the ever increasing value of scrap metal, our cast iron mileposts may be at risk from metal thieves. 
Fortunately, the structures are bolted down to a concrete base and the screw threads are peaned over, but it would not be impossible to remove them. Many of them are sited in remote areas and some have easy access by vehicular traffic.
There are 1000 of these posts throughout the NCN network and they were financed by the Royal Bank of Scotland in better times. Should any of them be stolen, they could never be replaced.
On our patch mileposts ar at the following locations:
R54 A38 River Dove crossing at Clay Mills.
R54/R68 Junction at Etwall By-pass.
R54/68 Mickleover Station.
R6 at Wilson on County Boundary.
R6 at Alvaston Park, Derby.
R54 in Darley Park, Derby.

We have had two instances of chains on our gates being sawn through, although nothing has been stolen. They have been replaced with heavier chains, but we cannot make the gates 100% secure, especially where the gates are made of wood as most of them are.
Will all Rangers please check the security of gates and mileposts as and when you can.

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Trexrider said...

Excellent advice Les, literally anything can be taken as scrap. I have noticed that whole trees have recently been removed from woods at the side of canals. The people who do this make a good living at it (from us). If you have an old instant camera, carry it, and place the non-emergency police number into your mobile phone. You never know...