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Sunday, 27 November 2011

Caught in the Act!

The Thief of Bad-dog

Our bird feeding tables at Mickleover and Breadsall are understandably popular with the intended beneficiaries (ie wild birds), and also with the local squirrels, but we now have another species in on the act.
As I was sitting on the Sustrans seat at Breadsall this morning  eating my KitKat,  having noted that some kind person had put some stale bread cobs on the nearby bird table, along comes Zoe, a five month old Doberman puppy.

"Hello" says she "Some food here"
"I'll have one of these"

After Zoe left, along came a Springer Spaniel who was also feeling peckish, so the score at half time is Dogs 2 Birds 0.

1 comment:

JohnS said...

Wind against you there and no peddling needed on the return! Bit fresh though.