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Sunday, 27 November 2011

Community Payback

This weekend the Community Payback Team returned to do some work for us, tidying up the edges of the tarmac at Mickleover Station.
We have always wondered how much of the tarmac was beneath the grass growing on the edges of the path in this area, and so the guys have removed it all and we have an  increased area of tarmac together with a much neater edge to the path.
The turf removed was not wasted, as it has been deposited on the places where we needed grass cover on the areas of  loose ballast off the path.
Also they have transplanted some small hawthorn bushes to better positions.

Look at this! You could land an aeroplane here.

From next week onwards, they will be coming on a regular basis and we will set them to work cutting back the hedges to the West side of Bonehill Gate which has not been tackled before.

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Anonymous said...

Will be available for working parties, bonfires etc.

Nick P.