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Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Those were the days (15)

This is an image dated 2002. I cannot recognise the seat because the vegetation has changes so much, Perhaps Mavis or Les can recognise which seat it is?

The remarkable thing about the picture is the width of the cyclepath.

And is it a fact that Les still has those boots

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Les Sims said...

Yes, still have the boots. Not sure why I needed waterproof boots on such a nice day though.
Looks to me as though this is the seat on the A50 side of Kingfisher Bridge, which you can just see in the distance.
Can't think what we were up to here, but Mavis has brought along hot drinks and no doubt some of her famous cake. That alone a good enough reason for turning out.
John Ratcliffe just arriving from Etwall on his bike.