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Thursday, 23 December 2010

Book Review

The extremes of the cold weather have kept me indoors for some time, and this has been an opportunity to catch up on a few long-standing DIY jobs and also a chance to do some reading.
I do not read fiction, as in my opinion, far more interesting things happen in real life than ever can be invented by the novelist. Biographies and humorous books are my choice, as are books which are so interesting that you cannot put them down.

Currently I am reading this book of quotations, which lists them  by subject in alphabetical order. In fact a whole world of accumulated wisdom is contained in the one volume.
So far I have read up to "E", and here are a couple of examples under "D", on the subject of  "Dating".

"Seeing your daughter off on her first date is like handing over a priceless Stradavarius to a gorilla."

"A date is like a night long job interview, but the difference is that with a real job interview you are less likely to finish up naked."

And under the heading of "Awards" -

Awards are unnecessary. Mozart never won one.

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