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Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Those were the Days (14)

An aerial (pre Google Earth) view of NCN 54 at Mickleover, taken from a light aeroplane in 2002.

The view is looking southwards with the aeroplane passing over the junction of Station Road (marked D) and Radbourne Lane (out of shot at bottom of picture).
The white dotted line shows the line of NCN R54, with Onslow Road (marked F) on the left and Mickleover Station (marked A) in the centre of the picture.
The Great Northern pub is marked C and at E we can see the Radbourne Gate development under construction, as is Whistlestop Close (marked G).
The old engine shed was still standing at this time and is marked B.
The railway ran close to the Great Nothern pub where there was a cutting leading to a tunnel between Mackworth and Mickleover. On closure of the railway the cutting was filled in and the tunnel portals buried.
Prior to construction of the Mickleover Greenway, test drillings showed that there was toxic material buried in the cuttings. The cost of removing this and disposing of it was prohibitive and that is why R54 goes along Onslow Road and deviates from the line of the railway, re-joining it on Mickleover Meadows where the Derby side of the tunnel opens into another cutting which was not filled.
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