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Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Derby Rangers Re-signing (note hyphen).

Picture problem resolved. Thanks Clyde.
Another stretch of the Dove Valley Route 549 was re-numbered yesterday between Hilton and Hatton.
Picture shows Mavis and Steve on the Hatton Path having attended to the signs at the far end. Peter and Nick were out of shot behind the camera. We then headed back to Don Amotts cafe at Hilton where we met John Ratcliffe and had a nice lunch.
Yvonne and Phil will complete the final section to the Dove Bridge at Uttoxeter shortly and then, as an excuse for a meal somwhere on route we are proposing to ride all the way to check it out on Saturday 4th December.


Clyde said...

How long is this new route in total, someone, please? I shall have to see this. It looks pretty good!

BirdyRed said...

From Egginton Junction, where it leaves R54, to Dove Bridge (Derbyshire/Staffs border) must be about 20km. It is a good ride, mostly flat.