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Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Another problem ....................

............ on the Hatton Path, previously reported by Yvonne, is the blocking of the horse gate by a larger gate put there by the local farmer to stop his sheep wandering off to Hatton city centre. Ewe know what sheep are like - always looking for baa-gains.
The previous gate has been stolen, and that fitted the gap and was hinged to the horse gate whereas this one is jammed in the fencing at one end and tied with string at the other, so not operable by horse riders.
The adjacent kissing gate is quite unsuitable for cyclists, not being big enough to permit the passage of tandems, trikes, bike trailers or wheelchairs and it is even a struggle to get a normal bike through it.
We will be taking these problems back to SDCC.


JohnS said...

Looking at this photo, it seems that there never was a gate. Just a stepover for horses, as at many of the newer Greenways. The metal swing gate is used on many foot paths, and when I have been assessing footpaths, as opposed to bridleways, on my bike, the only way to get through, is to upend the bike. It can be quite awkward, depending whether the gate is level or not, and does not swing too before you are through.

Anonymous said...

Your right there are horse stepovers, but there was also a gate until a few weeks ago! There is a matching one at the other end. Fully agree with both John and Les's comments re the metal gates. I have had a couple of people have expressed how 'silly' they are when I have been on the path.