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Tuesday, 16 November 2010

18" Schwalbe Tyres on Birdy Folders

Over the years Alan Locke and I have had problems with Schwalbe tyres - usually on the rear wheel. This mostly manifests itself as a weakening of the tyre wall so that the tyre wont stay on the rim but this year two of my Big Apple tyres have split along the tread. The photo attached shows the split I noticed (quite by chance) after our signing ride on 15th November. It is 55mm end to end. There is plenty of tread left - as there should be with a tyre which has done about 2500km. The first such problem I had was whilst in France earlier in the year when it was the front tyre which split. This is a pity because we dont have a huge choice of tyres and the Big Apple rides well.


Trexrider said...

Yes, we have had our problems; the split you show is probably the result of braking whist on top of a sharp piece of grit. Was the front tyre a tread split or a sidewall split? I certainly have had ten times the problem with tyres on the small wheels as compared to the more normal size. Any other folder owners like to share their experiences?

Anonymous said...

My only problems with Brompton (16 inch) tyres has been when the pressure has been too low and the side wall has burst. So far Marathon Plus tyres have proved to be totally thorn proof. Just as well because they would be almost impossible to change on the road!