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Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Great News

The new path at Hilton is open at last! See photos taken today in rather inclement weather.
It is more than a year since work first started on the construction, and we have been anxiously watching it's progress (or apparent lack of) throughout the year.
The wait was well worth while though.
This is a state-of-the-art multi-user path, 3m in width, with nice wide grass verges, and fenced along the whole length. It cuts out a fair length of the A5132 road section of the Dove Valley route through Hilton, including two roundabouts.
The whole route to Uttoxeter can now be re-numbered as NCN Route 549 instead of it being a spur of NCN Route 54 as it is at present.
Update 21st October
Google map added, having been held back awaiting clarification of copyright issue. Actually a satellite view, the dots being cyclists on the path holding white umbrellas. True!


BirdyRed said...

All we need now is the short link from Birch Tree Farm to R54 itself. Unofficially I expect we shall use the narrow westerly pavement on A5132. If DCC/SDDC do put in a road crossing to the easterly wider grass verge we are going to have to cope with lots of cow poo as we cross the farm track which runs under the bridge. Ugh!!

Les Sims said...

This is part of the overall plan, but it may be some time ...........
The milking herd has been replaced by beef cattle, so now there is less bovine traffic on the cattle crossing.