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Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Community Payback Team News

Throughout last winter the Probation Service provided us with teams of workers to assist us with ground clearance on R54 between Mickleover and Etwall. They did a superb job and now, after a break through the Summer, they are back.
For the last few weeks they have been doing hedge cutting at Etwall and this coming Saturday (16th October) will be working at Mickleover to repair the steps leading to the footpath route over the fields to Radbourne. A tonne of limestone has been delivered by Deryshire CC Countryside Services for the purpose.
Pictures show the problem of the eroded steps, which are highly dangerous in their present state.
Also they will be cleaning the tarmac at Mickleover Station and digging out tree roots in the grass, which are a trip hazard and inhibit mowing.
Henceforth, on Saturdays they will be back at Etwall clearing the ground on the East side of the A516 Bridge, working towards Heage Lane. This should keep them occupied for the forseeable future.
We have a problem in finding suitable places to turn round their minibus, so we are cutting turning spaces where there is room.
This will allow access to the narrowest parts of the path where there is the greatest need to open up the surrounding vegetation.
Derby Rangers welcome to come along in an advisory capacity and to help with final tidying up. No hard work involved, as these guys are much younger than we are, and quite enthusiastic though they be not volunteers.

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